A little of our history

At the beginning of 1976, a year of lights and wonders, the Font-Barceló family acquired a former rice-drying warehouse in the "Ses Eres" estate in S'Albufera, along with the adjoining land. They immediately set a good pace of construction and renovation work, in order to convert the venerable old building into a "Bar-Terrace-Restaurant", which they christened "Mesón los Patos", in view of the natural surroundings, that peculiar landscape of irrigation ditches and reedbeds, and the characteristic fauna of the area, including the tasty, slippery eels and the emblematic Ducks found hereabouts.



The restaurant was inaugurated on 12th September of the same year, 1976, in the presence of the affable Gabriel Font senior, in the dining room, and his wife Leonor Barceló, in the kitchen. And that of their children Jaume, Gabriel and Kika.

One of the distinct peculiarities of "Los Patos", right from when it was first opened, that is, the personal stamp of Gabriel Font senior's special way with people, was and is the hallmark of the Font-Barceló family – the direct, warm, friendly attention given to clients. Today it is Gabriel Font junior who, following in the footsteps of his father, looks after the restaurant's various dining rooms, just as though he were in his home attending to guests.


Because the attention one receives in "Los Patos" is just that, individual consideration, achieving that difficult balance between cordiality and respect, between personal attention and exquisite courtesy.

One of the lifelong rules in "Los Patos", as well as the meticulous manners of the staff – now led by Jesús Gallego, under the supervision of Gabriel Font junior – is the careful preparation of the menu, the first fruit of the region and the season, delicious, varied and truly Mallorcan, drawn up using the in-depth, privileged skill Leonor Barceló has proven she has in the kitchen. Now it is the chef José Magán who, following the wise directives of Doña Leonor, supervises the pots and pans and the preparation of all the dishes served